Reduce cognitive impairment in San Vicente Thermal Reserve


According to studies Research Institute of Health and Welfare Barcelona - Spain, after the 45 years people begin to lose cognitive system conditions ending in serious health damages including Alzhaimer.

Likewise, in this study have demonstrated that to prevent and reduce harm the patient should move away frequently populations, making retreats forest areas where it can be isolated from environmental contamination, auditory and visual pollution course, among other.

Thermal Reserve in San Vicente – Santa Rosa de Cabal - Colombia, we have the lush rainforest fog, the ideal microclimate that the world seeks and needs, without contamination or noise, without the temptation of liquor or cigarette, no TV in the room, ni radio, fact that allows families to share truly unforgettable moments.

further, if they accompanied by several generations including grandchildren and other relatives, the camaraderie is more pleasurable.

Add a healthy meal and the maximum wealth in mineral hot springs with high pH alkaline bicarbonate, which it is the basis for the neutralization of the acidity of the inner medium and alkalinization thereof, and accompanying steam baths mother liquor of the same organoleptic.

And to top it off liquid manna, he natural mineral water exquisiteness and unique palatability in the world, factors that make San Vicente Thermal Reserve a unique place that gathers and provides the maximum human conditions for comprehensive health.

So they tell him most fortunate visitors who have the happiness to know and enjoy the positive effect on conditions of relaxation and longed and desired maximum welfare for any mortal unawares.

Reduce cognitive impairment in San Vicente Thermal Reserve

It is encouraging and gratifying to hear and receive blessings from visitors in gratitude for having devoted much of life to ensure the welfare of humanity, He made that began from the moment when God brought me to this place to start from scratch.

As far, It has allowed me to find information how you just got in the Hot Spring Meeting in Foz do Iguacu done - Brazil, where 36 countries were present and several deans of medical hydrology thermal universities such as Complutense, Santiago de Compostela, of Vigo, Also in Brazil or Chile just to mention but these of their specialists Hydrotherapy updated us on this important matter.

You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, Hippocrates father of medicine.

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