Early childhood health suffers extensive damage today, but we have the opportunity at hand to reduce them.

Based on casuistic experiences (form of reasoning based on cases) that can be evidenced day by day, and attending the sentence of Hippocrates the father of medicine who says "make your food your medicine and your medicine your food".

We have given ourselves the task of studying the nutritional content of our Natural Mineral Water San Vicente, which runs through the earth's crust filtering through the interior of the earth where it gains temperature to dissolve the mineral salts that rocks have.

This process transports our water to the surface, with active minerals, ready for consumption.

When studying a book from the Complutense University of Madrid on natural mineral water in childhood, We can conclude that the nutritional contribution that children receive contributes to the integral development of the infant.

Its underground origin, free of contamination, chemical treatments and their richness in active nutrients, they complement the nutritional rations that the infant needs to free himself from health alterations from an early age, known as diseases.

The moment of early childhood

I am sure the time will come when some people responsible for health, assume the role of humility and then recognize that there are natural means more effective than conventional ones.

This is how some health professionals have already achieved it, how dr. Luis Carlos Rebolledo from Cali, who has been able to observe effective improvements in patients of different ages.

Whoever wishes can contact him on his website, with the assurance that you will be willing to share your experiences because of their effectiveness.

I have repeated it ad nauseam, I have contacted government officials and some health authorities so that we could follow up groups of children from a young age to adolescence so that their own media can verify the changes.

I invite anyone who wants to document a little more to follow on Instagram Agua Mineral Natural San Vicente and, incidentally, observe the water catchment tunnel, for them to test our water in any health deficiency, where i can verify the results.


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