Coronavirus solutions.

“Imagination is half the disease, tranquility is half the remedy and patience is the beginning of the cure”.


Coronavirus solutions.

Before talking about solutions for coronavirus, we will talk about a small fragment of a story that we all know and reflects our current reality.

The story goes that when Noah had the vision about the flood, began the construction of an ark which would allow it to preserve a pair of animals of each species.

His family called him crazy, because they did not see water to navigate. A large part of the population in those times had bad behavior and surely this was the reason for a change.

Currently with this new virus several offers have appeared to solve the problem in record time.

Andrés, a German doctor residing in Switzerland, is one of the people who has passed his proposal ensuring that with chlorine dioxide in one day the virus can be eliminated,

However, it seems that since it is not an expensive treatment, they're not interested in it. I have heard another doctor who quotes the concept of a scientist who warned that:

“The microbe is not the problem, the problem is located inside the body, where if this is acidic, weak and malnourished, the virus can develop”.

At 1037, Ibn Sina, Persian doctor and philosopher, father of modern medicine, wrote that:

“Imagination is half the disease, tranquility is half the remedy and patience is the beginning of the cure”.

How to stop the crisis?

Perhaps the same eagerness to succeed in finding solutions for the coronavirus and not being left behind is what leads health officials to reject valid offers., I have made an offer.

My proposal is aimed at verifying that through our natural turkish baths located in waters with alkaline pH, we can achieve virus elimination in two days using temperature and mists.

If to the above we add the hydration of the body with liquids containing active electrolytes and trace elements, bioavailable like bicarbonate, which regulates acid base, we will see results in three days.

Given the serious mortality situation, followed by the exaggerated economic crisis that drives anyone out of their boxes.

Maybe because they have a lot and the ambition leads them to want more or because they have nothing and need something to survive.

The indifference of the good is more damaging than the gossip of the bad and accompanied by alarming news, accelerates stress that increases damage.

I have received calls from people in great need, and although something is wanted to be done to mitigate their need, government measures prevent this..


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