Posted by | 7 September, 2018
Thermal cures, Mountain and hydropinic cancer – 2ª parte

report 33 thousand cancer deaths in Colombia, why many organizations with noble purpose of helping people diagnosed with cancer are known, surely it is one of the ...

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Reserva Termal San Vicente
Posted by | 13 July, 2018
and thermal cures hydropinic cardiovascular conditions

and thermal cures hydropinic cardiovascular conditions. When we heard the news of increased deaths from cardiovascular disease, that exceeded 9 million in the previous year, we can only...

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Posted by | 15 June, 2018
Thermal Treatment in Hypertension with the intake of Natural Mineral Water – 2ª parte

Despite insisting over and over again that we do monitor groups of patients in any health impairment, especially hypertension, still you have not heard any ...

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Posted by | 8 June, 2018

It is accounted for under the public health statistics a 30% adults and older adults with hypertension, Teenagers also appear with decompensated tension; there cures are necessary ...

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Curas Termales
Posted by | 21 April, 2018
Parkinson and excellent enhancement options with crenoterapia – 1ª parte

Read on page health last Sunday in the local newspaper, I found how to recognize possible causes of suffering from Parkinson's Disease, They give them as fact ...

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Reserva Termal San Vicente
Posted by | 24 March, 2018
thermal cures in malnutrition with Natural Mineral Water intake San Vicente

Do not stop the fateful news announcing the death of children from malnutrition, without leave aside the rest of the population lacks sufficient nutrients free ...

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Posted by | 24 February, 2018
Thermal cures in Severe constipation hydropinic

Constipation is impaired health seriously affects the entire organic whole and how the colon, just enough to make a simple reflection on ...

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Posted by | 21 September, 2017
Hydrothermal Treatment in Adults and the Elderly - Part 1

How to restore health to the elderly without collateral damage?, This was the title of my lecture at the 41 Congress Cures Cuntis Pontevedra - Province ...

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Posted by | 11 August, 2017
Thermal and Environmental Cancer Cures – 1a Party

He 18 October 2015 I wrote on our website and in The Journal, a column with a super offer for people affected by cancer who were not in ...

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Posted by | 4 August, 2017
Thermal cures in conditions Prostate 2

The effects of the cures for diuresis, washing and drag are derived from greater removal hydrosaline, urea and uric acid, among others, as quoted by Manuel Armijo Valenzuela ...

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