Posted by | 6 July, 2019
Thermalism Science or Medical Hydrology Thermal

To refer to the Greeks and Romans, It is simply finding a history of health and wellness through the hot springs, which is still in force and will not stop, Thank you...

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Posted by | 31 May, 2019
While most polluted rivers, more need to take advantage of the hot springs

The news of the moment is pollution 72 rivers in the world 14 antibiotics, outside the other pollutant loading widely known, therefore the more you ...

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Congreso de Termalismo en Santa Rosa de Cabal
Posted by | 7 December, 2018
3st National Congress Termalismo

"There is no evil that lasts a hundred years and no body that resists", goes the popular adage that today becomes effective with this great event. After much insistence I could taste ...

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Posted by | 5 October, 2018
Thermal cures in conditions Column

October 7 from 2018 I feel immense pleasure to provide an alternative for improving people suffering from spinal pain either by herniated discs, surgeries or other conditions ...

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Reserva Termal San Vicente
Posted by | 28 September, 2018
Thermal cures for Alzheimer: Cognitive system

Speaking of the cognitive system is to refer to the electrical system and joining each neuron cell body through body energy, that not only should be ...

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Reserva Termal San Vicente
Posted by | 13 July, 2018
and thermal cures hydropinic cardiovascular conditions

and thermal cures hydropinic cardiovascular conditions. When we heard the news of increased deaths from cardiovascular disease, that exceeded 9 million in the previous year, we can only...

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Río Termal Natural
Posted by | 6 July, 2018
Thermal Reserve in San Vicente we want to help with thermal cures and Mountain – 2ª parte

Both stress and depression are health disorders that affect a large population, But in Colombia where we have a vast wealth in water ...

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Posted by | 8 June, 2018

It is accounted for under the public health statistics a 30% adults and older adults with hypertension, Teenagers also appear with decompensated tension; there cures are necessary ...

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Termales San Vicente
Posted by | 26 May, 2018

When we talk about Osteoporosis and spa treatments hydropinic, we must consider that organic body actions are truly perfect to say the least, what minerals are alive ...

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Afecciones de Próstata
Posted by | 4 May, 2018
Affectation prostate ravages adults and seniors

Many adults and older adults would like to have the opportunity to reduce the damage of this gland that seriously affects the quality of life of millions of compatriots ...

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