Posted by | 24 February, 2018
Thermal cures in Severe constipation hydropinic

Constipation is impaired health seriously affects the entire organic whole and how the colon, just enough to make a simple reflection on ...

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Posted by | 19 May, 2017
Reduce and / or eliminate the acidity of the internal environment – 1a Party

The balance of acid and bases, is the starting point for good health. The imbalance is causing the loss of it. The supports...

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Posted by | 12 May, 2017
Thermal cures depression – 4a Party

Not required rack your brains searching the news today about health damage, it is everyday know, listen and read alarming news about the considerable increase ...

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Cura Termal en Depresión – 2a Parte
Posted by | 29 April, 2017
Thermal cures depression – 2a Party

Mental disorders, psychosis, abnormalities of the psychic, neurosis, psychopathy, disturbances of the patient with the outside world and the means to facilitate the recovery of normality, require ...

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Posted by | 12 August, 2016
Sportsmen and real hydration with Electrolytes

It is very timely theme hydration, even when Olympic competition where the chain is common cramps are available in addition accidents, in the case ...

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