Posted by | 24 May, 2019
emotional support for patients early childhood

Joyfully celebrate the fact that there are new paradigms aimed at generating positive changes in early childhood patients who are hospitalized. It is a significant advance on ...

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Posted by | 2 February, 2019
Hydrotherapy and cures Mountain, Perfect Marriage

It is precisamentelo featuring San Vicente Thermal Reserve in Santa Rosa de Cabal - Risaralda - Colombia, with the perfect marriage between the abundant hot springs and lush mountains, owners of ...

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Tratamiento de enfermedades genéticas y huérfanas
Posted by | 3 January, 2019
Prevention of Genetic Diseases and Orphan

Various studies show that DNA depression and stress, They are determining factors for developing diseases that are dormant in many people. This was made known in the ...

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Cascada en San Vicente Reserva Termal
Posted by | 13 December, 2018
Stress and depression kill

Pathologies that affect the mind and spirit eventually impair the physical state of people. St. Vincent Thermal Reserve - Santa Rosa de Cabal - Risaralda ...

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Reserva Termal Termal
Posted by | 9 November, 2018
World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a disease that so far we only know its serious consequences and a series of conventional pharmacological treatments used without much success, talking...

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Posted by | 7 September, 2018
Thermal cures, Mountain and hydropinic cancer – 2ª parte

report 33 thousand cancer deaths in Colombia, why many organizations with noble purpose of helping people diagnosed with cancer are known, surely it is one of the ...

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Posted by | 30 August, 2018
Thermal cures in Three Diabetes, known as Alzheimer - Part 2

The Three diabetes, better known as Alzheimer, It could be reversible certainly not with conventional treatments. Thermal cures in Three Diabetes. We are looking at the number of health disorders ...

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Posted by | 1 August, 2018
Lung cancer with severe breakthrough in human health

It is no secret that environmental pollution seriously affects human health, increasing environmental pollution mortality amazes global health authorities,...

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Posted by | 27 July, 2018
thermal treatments in adults and elderly – 2ª parte

It produces very sad to see so many adults and seniors, suffering all kinds of health disorders, means knowing that there are properly tested with extensive scientific media such as thermal cures ...

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Reserva Termal San Vicente
Posted by | 19 July, 2018
hydropinic and thermal cures in adults and elderly

Talk is quite complex thermal and hydropinic cures in adults and elderly in a country where much of the authorities taken daily more distance e ...

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