Posted by | 16 July, 2020

To what extent the coronavirus became a mental health problem for the population. After the damage caused by the pandemic, which can be seen represented in ...

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Posted by | 13 July, 2019

While increasing medical consultations for depression and stress at global and national level, in St. Vincent Thermal Reserve - Santa Rosa de Cabal - Colombia continue to show positive effects ...

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Río Termal Natural
Posted by | 6 July, 2018
Thermal Reserve in San Vicente we want to help with thermal cures and Mountain – 2ª parte

Both stress and depression are health disorders that affect a large population, But in Colombia where we have a vast wealth in water ...

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Posted by | 15 July, 2017
Thermal cures depression and chronic stress

Let us pause in rhinitis to refer to an issue that currently affects more than 350 million people worldwide, depression and stress. Like us...

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Cura Termal en Depresión – 2a Parte
Posted by | 29 April, 2017
Thermal cures depression – 2a Party

Mental disorders, psychosis, abnormalities of the psychic, neurosis, psychopathy, disturbances of the patient with the outside world and the means to facilitate the recovery of normality, require ...

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Posted by | 15 December, 2016
thermal treatments accompanied by mountain priests are a feast for health.

With a greeting well-deserved Christmas, with abundant love, paz, peace and coexistence, In addition to the best wishes for every compatriot regain its lost welfare, reduce damage ...

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