Reserva Termal San Vicente
Posted by | 22 June, 2018
Thermal cures, Mountain and hydropinic Cancer – 1a Party

My dear reader let me make a very simple reflection. The issue before us and for many years has affected millions of people worldwide, generating ...

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Posted by | 18 February, 2017
Thermal cures in conditions gastrointestinal disturbances.

It is very common to see children suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, Nevertheless, adolescents and adults do not escape this condition suffer health, in each segment of the population we can show ...

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Posted by | 13 January, 2017
Thermal cures kidney disease with Natural Mineral Water – 2ª Parte.

In referring to thermal treatments in kidney disorders and kidney failure, I am making a very significant contribution to the millions of patients who today have impaired functioning ...

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Posted by | 5 January, 2017
Thermal cures kidney disease with Natural Mineral Water

To start a new year, this flight 2017 from 365 days, I start increasing my commitment to humanity in health, because it is useless to study, verify and check ...

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Posted by | 15 December, 2016
thermal treatments accompanied by mountain priests are a feast for health.

With a greeting well-deserved Christmas, with abundant love, paz, peace and coexistence, In addition to the best wishes for every compatriot regain its lost welfare, reduce damage ...

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