Cascada El Cacique
Posted by | 23 December, 2021

"NATURAL MINERAL WATER IN CHILDHOOD" is a title that corresponds to a monograph published by the CTO Editorial Española group in the year 2009. This post was a product..

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Posted by | 6 July, 2019
Thermalism Science or Medical Hydrology Thermal

To refer to the Greeks and Romans, It is simply finding a history of health and wellness through the hot springs, which is still in force and will not stop, Thank you...

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San Vicente espectacular
Posted by | 3 January, 2019
The Year 2018

During the year 2018 we have achieved optimal levels of welfare and ostensible improvements through verified and duly proven thermal cures and mountain. If a day ...

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Reserva Termal Termal
Posted by | 9 November, 2018
World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a disease that so far we only know its serious consequences and a series of conventional pharmacological treatments used without much success, talking...

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Posted by | 2 November, 2018
Mental health spa treatments Part 1

Dr. Uriel Escobar reading in his recent columns on mental health, I feel a joy and enthusiasm incalculable, for it is precisely what the world should know, know...

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Posted by | 23 October, 2018
thermal treatments in conditions Column - Part 2

Many patients are now suffering alterations in its backbone, some have the opportunity to go to the specialist and the same do not have that option, we need to talk...

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Posted by | 5 October, 2018
Thermal cures in conditions Column

October 7 from 2018 I feel immense pleasure to provide an alternative for improving people suffering from spinal pain either by herniated discs, surgeries or other conditions ...

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Reserva Termal San Vicente
Posted by | 28 September, 2018
Thermal cures for Alzheimer: Cognitive system

Speaking of the cognitive system is to refer to the electrical system and joining each neuron cell body through body energy, that not only should be ...

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Posted by | 20 September, 2018
Reduce cognitive impairment in San Vicente Thermal Reserve

According to studies Research Institute of Health and Welfare Barcelona - Spain, after the 45 years people start losing conditions in the ...

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Posted by | 14 September, 2018
Thermal cures, Mountain and hydropinic cancer – 3ª parte

Mosen one of my previous columns gave an example of a landfill in order to draw the attention of just how immediately the proliferation of ...

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