Posted by | 13 July, 2019

While increasing medical consultations for depression and stress at global and national level, in St. Vincent Thermal Reserve - Santa Rosa de Cabal - Colombia continue to show positive effects ...

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Posted by | 6 July, 2019
Thermalism Science or Medical Hydrology Thermal

To refer to the Greeks and Romans, It is simply finding a history of health and wellness through the hot springs, which is still in force and will not stop, Thank you...

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Posted by | 8 June, 2019

While thousands of hectares of forest are deforested in Colombia before the blind eye of authorities of all kinds, tearing their clothes are still talking of climate change ...

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Posted by | 31 May, 2019
While most polluted rivers, more need to take advantage of the hot springs

The news of the moment is pollution 72 rivers in the world 14 antibiotics, outside the other pollutant loading widely known, therefore the more you ...

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Reserva Termal Termal
Posted by | 9 November, 2018
World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a disease that so far we only know its serious consequences and a series of conventional pharmacological treatments used without much success, talking...

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Posted by | 2 November, 2018
Mental health spa treatments Part 1

Dr. Uriel Escobar reading in his recent columns on mental health, I feel a joy and enthusiasm incalculable, for it is precisely what the world should know, know...

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Posted by | 11 October, 2018
Memories start of our project health and life for humanity

He 8 October 1.994 We arrived at the La Maria, at the Pastures sidewalk in Santa Rosa de Cabal - Risaralda - Colombia, after having assisted in ...

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Posted by | 30 August, 2018
Thermal cures in Three Diabetes, known as Alzheimer - Part 2

The Three diabetes, better known as Alzheimer, It could be reversible certainly not with conventional treatments. Thermal cures in Three Diabetes. We are looking at the number of health disorders ...

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Posted by | 3 March, 2018
Thermal cures in Severe constipation hydropinic – 2ª Parte

The hidropínico use or intake of natural mineral water, It generates good organoleptic combination by uniting bicarbonate, magnesium, football, Sodium sulfate and other minerals, which provide...

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Termales San Vicente
Posted by | 17 February, 2018
Thermal cures in Gastritis – 2ª Parte

Is everyday and permanent health professionals in their quest to calm the patient ailments come to prescribe drugs fashion, It is understood that ...

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