Sand therapy is a solution for the appearance of stretch marks on the buttocks, legs or stomach.

When talking about stretch marks, one should not make the mistake of thinking that they only affect the physical aspect of the body, It should also be taken into account that fat and toxins accumulate in stretch marks, which affect the health of the body.

The discomfort they generate in some people should also be taken into account, since they are regularly located in highly visible places on the body.

While it is true that there is a wide range of high consumption products to control stretch marks, it is also true that there is a natural treatment, like sand therapy, with which you can see positive results in a short time.

This therapy works through the exfoliation of the skin with hot sand, allowing the removal of fat and toxins.

We must understand that the skin is renewed every 45 days, after this time the oxygenation of the renewed skin is prevented.

For this reason it is important to have sand therapy every 45 days of cleansing the skin by removing dead cells, allowing the regeneration of the same.

Adding to this treatment a thermal mud therapy, which is an excellent exfoliator, you can receive a revitalization of the skin leaving it soft, nourished and shiny.

One more advantage

To end these therapies we recommend entering our natural steam cabins where you will receive a body detoxification thanks to peripheral vasodilation which generates a greater blood supply.

Being able to have this type of body hydration allows the skin to fill the spaces that have been affected by the appearance of stretch marks..

In the end, its vitality and shine can be restored, helping the well-being of so many women who, in distress, seek by all means the way to recover their own beauty, to feel happy and raise your mood to the highest level.

Normally these therapies are little known thanks to the general indifference towards thermal resources.

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