The active minerals and trace elements that can be found in San Vicente Mineral Water are an excellent food to maintain good health through water.

The national government has a program that, in good faith, seeks to improve nutrition of the child population and adolescent, in order to achieve greater performance in learning.

Good nutrition allows children and adolescents to have a greater reception capacity to learn.

We must bear in mind that the PAE program lacks nutritional balance like the food found in school stores, colleges and universities.

In these institutions they offer a series of products in high demand, but that affect the normal organic functioning of those who consume them.

Today's foods do not have yesterday's nutrient levels, the floors are tired, depleted and their nutrients are reduced to a portion much lower than the needs of the soils.

With all the respect that professionals specialized in nutrition deserve, I am sure they are not aware of the importance, or at least it is what we can observe, of the nutritional value of the natural mineral salts found in our water.

Our body has intracellular and extracellular compartments where trillions of cells live that require precise concentrations of certain minerals that the body does not produce., which are necessary to contribute them in our daily diet.

A good state of health

To the extent that specialists take a little time to observe the requirement of the body to provide good health, they will be able to minimize to the maximum the appearance of alterations of health badly called diseases.

In this way we will have the security of having the maximum performance of children and young people., less addiction to hallucinogens and of course to other means of dependence harmful to health.

It should be noted that intracellular compartments require two thirds of the total body water.

This Water it should contain a low amount of calcium, small amounts of sodium, chlorine, bicarbonate and phosphate; moderate amounts of magnesium ending with large amounts of potassium.

Amounts of sodium and chlorine are required in the extracellular fluid; moderate amounts of bicarbonate ending with small amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphate.

These minerals are necessary, for this reason we hope that the PAE program fully complies with its premise:

"Healthy eating is energy to study"

Hoping that in this way they will inculcate in educational institutions the intake of mineral water and foods rich in nutrients to have a good state of health through water.

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