A SOLUTION FOR ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

As stated Medlineplus, 5 each 100,000 people in the world suffer from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).

Several years ago Dr. Óscar Collazos, writer and columnist for the newspaper El Tiempo, I write an open letter to our neuroscientist Rodolfo Llinás, requesting response on scientific advances to counter ALS.

Publicly, Dr. Llinás answered honestly that science had not had any positive response so far..

It has always been said that "the indifference of the good guys is more harmful than the slander of the bad guys."

The ignorance of our natural resources prevents great health benefits for humanity.

With the intention that science and people affected by ALS know the positive effects of the thermal waters verified in San Vicente Thermal Reserve.

I have given myself the task of writing in my articles and mentioning in the old television program that I directed, that in our thermal reserve they will be able to find a solution for this problem.

I always tell people who come to San Vicente with this deficit, yes in 21 days had no positive results should not pay a single peso.

Accept unconventional media

On a trip I had the opportunity to talk with a lady who had a very close person affected with ALS.

He prepared to contact Dr. Collazos, specifying that he was financially ill and that his close friend had already lost muscle mass.

But, if he was willing to put the recommendations into practice and was willing to come, she was in charge of meeting with friends the costs of the treatment.

There was no response from doctor collazos.

This motivated me to write to the Colombian Association of ELA (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) telling them about the progress and the cases that we had already dealt with with positive effects

Like the previous one, no response was obtained from those who are responsible for providing new alternatives that allow improving the conditions of employment.

health of so many patients who suffer such damage to their health.

Now we learned through the media about the case of Martha, the woman who requested euthanasia because of not being able to observe improvements with conventional treatments..

I immediately called a dear friend to Medellín named Nohora Arbelaez who immediately contacted the lawyer accompanying the patient in her request., he shared my phone with him, he even exaggerated in the note.

I waited patiently to see if they spoke and it was unsuccessful.

At the time that the procedure was denied, I believe that an opportunity was generated again to show that we are in a position to show positive results in five days and if not, I would not pay a single peso..

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