To what extent the coronavirus became a mental health problem for the population.

After the damage caused by the pandemic, which can be seen represented in the large number of patients that caused a great loss of human life, jobs and bankruptcy of countless companies.

We have come to the conclusion that these closings were caused by collective panic..

This situation has prevented looking at other options in search of new paradigms that allow to find solutions that do not interfere with the practices recommended by scientists.

Bearing in mind that they are people who act in very good faith and are in charge of finding the way out of the complex situations the planet is going through..

The damage caused by this pandemic has shown devastating effects on the mental health of the population., in a high percentage of our youth and adolescents, causing suicides and an exaggerated demand in the consultations in search of treatments to counteract the problem


Come back and play for me the desire to serve, accompanied by knowledge, with which I allow myself to invite whoever considers pertinent to test the results that I have been sharing for a long time.

For those patients who suffer from great stress and are in a great state of depression, we can take advantage of our natural turkish baths in mother liquor with alkaline pH, whose results are almost immediate.

If we add to these results the high degree of oxygenation that our users receive in the middle of a humid forest of fog, where the air is totally clean.

We can conclude that they are in default of verifying this natural paradise through professionals..

Here we could have come up with two options that could have reduced the damage that has occurred not only in the large number of patients but also in the large number of deaths.


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